Floor Tile


Natural materials never go out of style and stone tile is no exception. Durable, beautiful and unique, no stone looks exactly the same, nor can you capture the beauty of nature without the hassle of constant maintenance with any other product. From the earthy tones of slate to the natural softness of travertine, we offer the finest selection of name brand tiles with the widest selection of patterns, textures, sizes and colors. We offer major brands including Mohawk, Unicorn, Eleganza, American and Marazii to name a few.

Do you want the look of natural stone at a lower cost? Look no further than ceramic tiles. The latest styles of ceramic tile make it difficult to tell them apart from their natural stone look-a-likes. Not to mention designs and styles you cannot find in natural stone. For centuries, tile floors have admirably served homes with beauty and durability in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor patios, walkways, and more. Available in countless combinations of colors, textures and patterns, Ceramic, Glazed and Porcelain tile flooring provide the perfect performance in all of the areas you need it the most.

Whether you want to capture the look of natural travertine or a marble floor, modern floor tiles are being engineered to provide superior realism to mimic other natural materials.

And when it comes to designing a dazzling room or an entire layout, tile floors offer tremendous choices in crafting a completely unique visual. Soft neutral colors will make a room brighter, lighter and more airy while darker, larger tiles help make big spaces more intimate. Pairing different tile flooring types together can help to create a striking contrast which will help you make a bold, stylish statement.

Tile floors resist moisture and scratches and don’t absorb odors or support bacteria making them a perfect fit for culinary workplaces, kitchens and bathrooms, etc. In addition to tile flooring, these same properties also make tile a great choice for countertops, decorative backsplashes, mosaics, and wall tile.

Maintaining your tile floors is easy with once-a-week mopping to remove grit and soil, thus significantly reducing your kitchen clean-up time. Modern floor tiles can help you create a personal, inspired space, no matter your taste or budget. Tough enough for your important areas yet stunning enough for a luxurious effect, let the wealth of tile flooring options bring your vision to life!